How David McDonald Increased OSI Group’s Sustainability And Environmental Stewardship

David McDonald is a successful businessman who lives in Warrenville, Illinois. He grew up in the state of Iowa on a farm his parents owned. Wanting to continue the legacy of his family in the food industry he went to Iowa State University. He studied animal science and graduated in the class of 1987. Rather than return to the farm, however, he decided to join a food processing company that was privately held and continuously growing in size. This company was OSI Group, LLC, and he has been there for the past 31 years.

At OSI Group, David McDonald exhibited a deep knowledge about processing food and was naturally talented at managing other people. He also developed a large number of business skills over the years. This all resulted in his steadily climbing into higher and higher positions of authority. He is now the chief operating officer, president, and board member and holds the second highest position at this firm only after the chief executive officer, chairman, and owner of the company Sheldon Lavin. His knowledge of the industry has also resulted in his being the chairman of the board of the North American Meat Institute.

As an alumnus of Iowa State University and a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, David McDonald continues to support this school, its mission, and the students there. For example, he set up a program where some of this university’s students have interned at OSI Group. He also once handled getting a group of ISU’s students to travel to China where they got a rare opportunity to take a tour of one of OSI Group’s huge facilities there. This occurred in 2011 and one of these students has now been employed at his company for a number of years.

One ongoing effort within the food processing industry is making improvements to sustainability and environmental responsibility. David McDonald is at the forefront of this effort for OSI Group, he works to ensure that the business activities of OSI Group has minimal impact upon the environment. He also strives to make sure that they incorporate technology which helps to make sure their activities are sustainable well into the future. Due to his efforts, OSI Group has received a number of sustainability and environmental awards. One of these was the British Safety Council’s Globe Of Honour which his company earned in 2016 for showing admirable environmental risk management.

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