Dr. Mark Mofid Is Changing Plastic Surgery For The Better

Dr. Mark Mofid is pretty much an expert in gluteal augmentations, which are always intramuscular implants as of today. In nearly all cases, Mark doesn’t enlarge the normal size of the buttocks for patients, but rather improve shape and ratio. Nearly a decade ago, Mark was caught up on how the implants of the day were highly problematic and caused most patients to need reconstructive surgery after a few years. Mark decided to dedicate himself to research and find a better way to perform these buttock augmentations. It didn’t take long for Mark to find success, creating an implant with a much lower profile which took care of the typical aggravation issues traditional implants caused.

When the implants are designed to work for the patients there is a much lower rate of complications all across the board and a much higher appreciation of the art among the population. Today, Dr. Mark Mofid has been certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, among several other certifications and nominations for his accomplishments in plastic surgery. According to Mark, the appreciation for his works is because of his desire to provide natural looking results. He does this by treating each patient and situation as a unique one while staying ethical in the medical field.

Dr. Mark Mofid holds an impressive background in education, graduating from Harvard University as well as the John Hopkins School of Medicine. After earning his medical degree to perform plastic and general surgery, Mark Mofid opened his own practice in the San Diego to work with clients and give them high-quality plastic surgeries. Today, he has worked all over California and regularly performs surgeries in various hospitals throughout San Diego. Palomar Medical, Sarp Chula Vista Medical, and Scripps Memorial are just a few of the hospitals that employ Mark Mofid for his excellent medical skills that he has spent many years perfecting.


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