Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Finding New Markets By Mixing Business With His Medical Expertise

People all over the world take have a use for the medical field in some way or another. The medical industry has become huge today and continues to grow with new technologies and discoveries. Dr. Mark Mckenna is one such doctor who is helping to improve and expand the industry. Mark has spent many years practicing his medical abilities and today he is a licensed and board-certified medical professional. Mark has helped thousands of people in their lives through his medical prowess and his businesses. While there are many medical professionals out there, including Mark’s own father, few of them have the mind that Mark has. Dr. Mark Mckenna has been able to seamlessly and effectively combine his medical knowledge with successful business ideas.

Mark spent many years building his skills studying at the Universty of Tulane. He continued to build his knowledge and experience even further by joining his father’s medical practice right after college. With all this hands-on experience, Mark knew he was not only very capable in medicine, but he could run his own business as well. This is when Mark started developing business ideas and it wasn’t long before he had an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s first successful company, McKenna Venture was just the beginning for him, as it opened up many more doors and ideas for him. Unfortunately, mark lost a great deal of his first business to the storm Katrina in 2005, he was still able to recoup and start up a new business in Atlanta later on.

Following the success of his last company, ShapeMed, which sold for a great sum in 2014 to Life Time Fitness, Dr. Mark Mckenna started up OVME. This company is quickly finding success, as expected from Mark’s genius ideas, and is focused on a peculiar market. While it is known to Mark that many people are wary of the doctor’s office, he realized just how many people will actually still buy treatments if they could just get them in a better way. This is why OVME acts as a delivery service to bring treatments to peoples homes for maximum comfort. This also allows people to get these things done on their own time, without needing to schedule visits, which can be tough these days, especially when money is tight.


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