Sussex Health Care Is Looking For More Caregivers

Sussex Health Care recently announced its plans to hire more caregivers. The company has 23 care homes in its network, and they are scattered across Sussex. Open positions are listed on the company’s site. There are caregiver positions available in Crawley, Uckfield, Billingshurst, Horsham, East Grinstead and Henfield. The main part of the company is in Horsham. In some locations, there are both evening and day shifts available. While Sussex Health Care often hires individuals who are experienced caregivers, the company welcomes people who do not have experience. Sussex Health Care offers a caregiver training program to ambitious and caring individuals who meet basic qualification criteria.

Becoming A Caregiver At Sussex Health Care
Sussex Health Care requires all caregivers to uphold its mission, which is to provide the highest quality of care to every person who lives in one of its facilities. Caregivers are required to be friendly and patient with each resident. Sussex Health Care also encourages compassionate treatment of residents’ family members. Caregivers must address the concerns of residents’ family members or report their issues to the appropriate department head.

Caregivers must be conscientious and observant to identify the problems of residents who cannot speak for themselves. Many of the individuals who reside in Sussex Health Care facilities cannot properly communicate their needs due to dementia, learning disabilities or other ailments. Employees must become familiar with care plans for residents to ensure the best care. Sussex Health Care’s leadership team welcomes feedback from caregivers who have suggestions about improving life for residents.

The company requires new and seasoned caregivers to protect each resident’s dignity. Sussex Health Care is a convalescent home but also offers respite services. Since the company promotes the highest degree of independence for each resident, caregivers must follow assistance guidelines. For example, if a resident can dress herself, the caregiver must allow her to do it. Sussex Health Care does not encourage caregivers to do tasks for residents simply to save time. Mobility, independence and dignity are top priorities at Sussex Health Care. Caregivers assist residents as needed with grooming, bathing, dressing, toiling, walking, transfers and eating.

Sussex Health Care hires individuals who are team players. The leaders emphasize the importance of each person and his or her role in making life better for residents. They also ensure that workers understand the roles of other workers and why a team effort is necessary for the success of each facility and for the entire network. Caregivers must be reliable in fulfilling their shift commitments, and punctuality is required from all workers.

Why Choose Sussex Health Care For Employment?
Sussex Health Care believes in providing enjoyable long-term careers. Many caregivers eventually train to become nurses, therapists or other professionals. Sussex Health Care provides plenty of advancement opportunities. Caregivers who move within Sussex to another city with a company facility may transfer to that location if there is a job opening. The instructors for the company’s training programs are patient, caring and supportive. Sussex Health Care wants employees on all levels to encourage one another to set goals and to work toward them together. The caregiver training program gives good candidates the right skills to identify the problems and needs of residents. Sussex Health Care offers plenty of other valuable benefits, which include the following:

– Double wages on bank holidays
– Special weekend pay rates
– Pension plans
– Free transportation for workers
– Paid breaks
– Company uniforms
– Mentoring programs
– Meal discounts
– Career advancement programs
– Referral bonuses

Caregivers often decide to specialize in a specific area of care. Sussex Health Care offers special training for several categories such as respite, dementia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues and terminal illnesses.

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Getting Acquainted With Sussex Health Care
Sussex Health Care started as a single facility in 1985. The company grew into a network of more than 20 facilities. Recently, Sussex Health Care also opened a new gym in Horsham. The gym has state-of-the-art equipment such as underwater treadmills, a large pool and much more. There are mobility specialists and trainers who work with residents individually and help them meet their fitness, recovery or mobility goals.

All Sussex Health Care homes encourage residents to participate in activities to keep their minds and bodies active. There are options such as gardening, crafts, excursions and more. Also, the facilities frequently host special visitors or events. The residents have varying levels of needs and capabilities. While some require minimal assistance, others require full care. Some residents suffer from dementia and age-related illnesses. Younger residents with cognitive disabilities also live in the facilities, and some residents stay temporarily while they recover from surgery. If caregivers lack experience with one or more of these groups, Sussex Health Care provides ample training.

In addition to the available caregiver positions, there are open jobs for nurses, therapists and other skilled workers. Sussex Health Care recently welcomed a new CEO as well. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is experienced in administration, nursing and compliance assurance. She has more than two decades of experience working in medical facilities. Amanda started her career as a mental health nurse. However, she pursued management roles and made changes that improved the lives of residents in several facilities.

Sussex Health Care has dual accreditation, and it is the country’s only private nursing home network that boasts this distinction. In 2002, the HQS was granted to the company, and the ISO 9000:2000 was granted to it just three years later. The company also received the Investors in People accolade. Caregivers and interested candidates can contact Sussex Health Care’s HR department to learn more about open positions.

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