Researchers Develop Cornea-Healing Eye Drops

Roughly 60 percent of the global population in the developed world either wears corrective lenses or has had eye surgery to improve their vision. While glasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery offer a viable solution to poor vision, researchers in Israel are working on a simpler alternative: eye drops. According to the news website RT, Israeli ophthalmologists have developed… More →

Eye Researchers Combine Artificial Muscle With Metalens

With inspiration from the human eye, researchers at Harvard have developed a new adaptive metalens. It is a flat and electronically-controlled artificial eye. This adaptive metalens will work to control the three top contributors of blurry images for people: astigmatism, focus and image shift. This new research has combined breakthroughs in metalens technology and artificial muscle technology in order to… More →

Basic Eye Health

In the modern world, people rarely pay attention to their overall eye health. Unfortunately, many activities can cause premature macular degeneration within the eye. In other words, it’s basically accelerated vision loss. Many people spend a lot of time staring at screens for hours on end, straining their eyes and possibly drying them out. However, a well-balanced diet and simple… More →

New Laser Treatment Can Easily Rid Eyes Of ‘Floaters’

Millions of people are familiar with an irritating phenomenon that eye doctors call “floaters.” These are tiny spots or bits of “junk” that appear in our field of vision. They look like squiggly little pieces of lint or goop that come and go across our field of view. But now ophthalmologists say they have an easy way that can rid… More →

Amazing Innovation in Laser Eye Surgery

The next generation of laser eye surgery is said to be shaking up the eye care and treatment industry. The procedure is known as ReLEx SMILE. ReLEx SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. The procedure was developed by Carl Zeiss. How ReLEx SMILE Works ReLEx SMILE is also known as keyhole laser eye surgery. The procedure is less invasive… More →

Lifestyle Changes

In today’s day and age, many people to do not focus on the health of their eyes. Instead, they do things that hurt them over the long run. Things like excessive screen time, not wearing sunglasses, not using safety glasses, or even wearing contacts at night can cause the health of your eyes to degrade overtime. This is ultimately called… More →

NEI Set To Lead Major Five Year Study On AMD

In celebration of AMD Awareness Month, the National Eye Institute (NEI) just announced it will conduct a massive survey on the common eye disease age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Over the course of five years, researchers will track the eyes of 500 patients using advanced scanning technologies. Researchers involved in this study hope to discover new biomarkers for AMD. They are… More →

Latest Advances in Vision Correction

Recent medical advances have been able to provide patients with access to a greater range of procedures and options than ever before. While surgical procedures to improve or correct eyesight are nothing new, the latest generation of surgical breakthroughs have been able to drastically reduce the amount of stress, trauma and physical recovery time patients will experience. Keyhole laser surgeries… More →

Hokkaido University Professors Discover Potential New Treatment For Dry Eye

Japanese researchers have just discovered new insights into how lipids contribute to dry eye syndrome. They hope their research will lead to novel dry eye drugs that target lipids rather than water. Most people mistakenly believe the eye’s tear film is only composed of water. In fact, the tear film is composed of mucin, water, and lipid layers. Doctors estimate… More →