OneLogin Provides Cyberspace Solution to High-end Manufacturers

Derek Brink reported that the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) took into account data from at least 17,000 manufacturers with operations in Canada and the U.S. The idea behind leveraging this data was to identify the technological challenges that these manufacturers face today. Two major problems were witnessed from this data. The first issue was getting a platform that sufficiently manages roles and permissions required for different applications and users. Secondly, security and compliance risks were always evolving and increasing every day as a result of expanding user access to third parties. Therefore, any security or IT department in these companies should take into consideration a number of strategies to curb these challenges.

Most companies are giving access to third-party users through networks, apps and data. However, the same systems hold sensitive information belonging to the company. As a result, there is always an increasing risk of exposure, hence the dire need for restricted app access and permissions. The cost that comes with developing these apps in a bid to curb potential security threats has skyrocketed in the last few years.

The most important factor to digital transformation is balancing usability with security. Most manufacturers should ensure that they only give access to their apps if it’s extremely necessary. This is because even though providing access to company systems could means building on business agility, it could also prove to be very sensitive and costly when confidential data is leaked. Therefore, this process requires proper execution and set up of crucial systems to ensure there are no lost user productivity, data breaches or disruption of critical systems.

OneLogin provides the solutions to all these challenges through one platform. This company not only offers single sign-on authentication but also uses a complex feature to determine the users that will require multi-factor authentication. In addition, the package comes with an extra 5,000 apps that are preloaded into the system. With OneLogin solutions, a company should be able to work on SAP, Office 365, G-Suite and Oracle. These features are available remotely and on-premises. Some of the companies that are currently using OneLogin include Airbus, Consort Medical and Steelcase. OneLogin also supports a scale of customized applications, complexity and diversity that comes with user populations.

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