Children with Farsightedness Have Trouble Focusing

According to a new study, preschoolers and kindergartners with farsighted eyesight have hard time focusing and that could mean that they fall behind in school.
The study believes that at least 4 to 14 percent have moderate farsightedness. The technical term ofr farsightednewss is hyperopia. Hyperopia can be hard to find in younder children. If moderate farsightedness is located in young children, they will not be given glasses because medical professionals are unsure whether it is possible glasses are appropriate for young children or not.
Marjean Taylor Kulp, a Ohio University professor in optometry, is afraid that there is great evidence that moderately farsighted 4 or 5 year-olds could having a lot of problems with the buildings blocks of learning.
She knows from previous research that preschool and kindergarten children with farsightedness don’t have good literacy. She says that this new study that there could be in greater weaknesses in even younger children.
Kulp’s study appears in the medical journal called Optometry and Vision Science. Kelp and her colleagues compared children with or without farsightedness by looking at the focused ability, visual perception and how well does their vicual perception and motor skills work together.
This new study by Kulp had 244 children with some farsightedness and children with normal eyesight. Almost of these children were part of the Head Start program in states of Ohio, Pennsylvania or Massachusetts. The research professionals carefully chose the children based on age, parental education, status and race.

Each of these children in this study had their visual attention tested by looking at pictures and trying to find what images matched from a bunch of pictures.
They found that after looking at attention-related tests, it was found that children with moderately farsightedness would likely have lower scores then the children without farsightedness.

Some children with farsightedness tried to overcome lack of focus, but they ultimately failed and still did poorly on the tests.

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