Lime Crime’s Expansion Across The Ocean

As the cosmetic company Lime Crime grows and expands across the world, issues come along that many other companies struggle with. Many beauty and cosmetics struggle with issues of shipping, international laws, and overall being a success. Lime Crime is no exception to this idea. However, Lime Crime is taking an approach to avoid the issues and to maintain the integrity of their business.

Being based in Los Angeles, Calif., LimeCrime deals with the issue that many companies in the beauty and skincare industry also do: the desire to sell in China. This was an issue in the past where over one million of counterfeit Lime Crime products had entered the Chinese market. Along with this comes the morality dispute of Chinese laws requiring animal testing, whereas Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty-free company.

To combat these two issues, Lime Crime began a partnership with a company known as Revolve. Revolve being another Los Angeles based operation based in e-commerce. Lime Crime then proceded to make an effort to say that this e-commerce platform is the only legitimate place to obtain Lime Crime products in the country.

In addition to this, Lime Crime took to the sea of influencers across multiple social media platforms. However, the brand neglected the high-tier and extremely well-known personalities to allow themselves to gain traction for their actual products and not for who is selling them. By using lesser known individuals that were also very well known fans of the brand, they are given honest love and respect for the brand and for the audience grows naturally.

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