Lime Crime makes everyday makeup fun

Holographic Glitter is so in right now whether you wear it on your eyes, lips or cheekbones. It gives you a whole new look and Instyle Magazine noticed how awesome Lime Crime’s new Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers are. They featured them recently in an article and raved over the quality of the lip toppers. The article said you could wear… More →

How To Protect Your Eyes From Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common problem in today’s world. The advances in technology is one of the reasons that eye strain has become more common. Fortunately, you can prevent eye strain by adjusting your computer and phone habits. Young adults today spend an average of five hours per day at the computer. If you watch television and work on the… More →

The Effects of Digital Screens on Eye Health

Staring at digital screens is bad for eye health. Almost everyone is using digital technology these days, whether it be computers, cellphones, or tablets. Many people use digital technology for work, while some use it to enjoy social media interactions. The problem with using this technology is the blue light emitted from the screens, which can cause damage to the… More →

Rwanda Introduces Eyecare Health for all of its citizens

Good news for the country of Rwanda and its more than 12 million citizens – the government has promised to provide universal eye care for each and every one of them. Vision For A Nation The Rwandan government in an act unprecedented so far in the history among poor countries around the world, has partnered up with a national organization… More →

SMILE Offers Less Invasive Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

Statistics show that roughly three in four Americans wear some type of corrective lens, according to the Vision Council of American (VCA). While contacts or glasses offer a simple solution to vision problems, they often interfere with the individual’s life. If you wear contacts, for instance, you’ll have to take them out every night before sleeping; otherwise, you run the… More →

Rwanda Is The First Poor Country To Provide Health Care

Rwanda is home to 12 million people. It is a low-income country, but it has managed to provide free eye care to everyone who lives in the country. The government has partnered with Vision for a Nation. This organization has 502 health centers and 3,000 eye care nurses. The Vision for a Nation prescribes glasses to people. It also refers… More →

How Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Helps Those In Need In Armenia And Nicaragua

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur who has successfully launched a number of companies over the years. As someone that seeks to help others not as fortunate as he has been he is also an angel investor and philanthropist. He has a degree in marketing that he earned at Florida State University.   It was in June 2001 that… More →

The success of Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is one of the most successful tour operators and tour managers in the music industry in the United States. He is currently based in New York, United States of America. He has worked with many successful musicians in promoting and managing their tours internationally. Clayton works with a tour commonly known as the SD7 and has had some… More →