SMILE Offers Less Invasive Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

Statistics show that roughly three in four Americans wear some type of corrective lens, according to the Vision Council of American (VCA). While contacts or glasses offer a simple solution to vision problems, they often interfere with the individual’s life. If you wear contacts, for instance, you’ll have to take them out every night before sleeping; otherwise, you run the… More →

Rwanda Is The First Poor Country To Provide Health Care

Rwanda is home to 12 million people. It is a low-income country, but it has managed to provide free eye care to everyone who lives in the country. The government has partnered with Vision for a Nation. This organization has 502 health centers and 3,000 eye care nurses. The Vision for a Nation prescribes glasses to people. It also refers… More →

Jim Larkin the Irish Labor Activist

Jim Larkin is the founder of Irish Transport and General Worker,s Union, ITGWU, which was a modern Irish labor movement. The movement was meant to bring together the Irish skilled, unskilled worker and industrial workers into a single organization. He was the Irish labor activist and organizer. Before then most of the unions were British-based, which neglected most activists and… More →

Rwanda Offers Universal Eye Health Care

This is encouraging news in the field of eye health coming out of Rwanda. A recent article published by The Guardian announced that Rwanda is officially the first low-income country to offer eye care for its entire population of 12 million people. Through a partnership with Vision for a Nation (VFAN), the government of Rwanda is able to rely on… More →

Dr. Mark Holterman- Dedicated Physician and Successful Business Leader

Known for his tremendous passion, Dr. Mark Holterman has been impacting the medical world for quite some time. A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Mark Holterman has more than three decades of experience. Holterman has spent much of his time working as a pediatric surgeon and currently teaches medical students at the University of Illinois College… More →

Agora Financial Will Help You Grow Your Money Early On

Are you someone who would like to grow your money and yet you don’t know anything about investment, banking, buying stocks and the like? If you are nearing your retirement age and have money to invest, you just don’t want to entrust your money to a stock market broker who’s just interested in the commissions he will get. You need… More →

Rwandan Government Provides Vision Services to All Citizens

Despite having over 12 million people within its borders, Rwanda has successfully become the first third world country to provide universal eye-care to its citizenry. Partnering with the Vision for a Nation organization, the Rwandan government managed to train over 3,000 eye care nurses all across the country’s health centers, having them visit all of the 15,000 Rwandan villages across… More →


If you think about it, vision is consciously our most used sense. We use all of our senses of course, but we mainly interpret the world around us through what we see. However, many of us take our eyes for granted especially those who do not have to wear contacts or glasses. Despite having great vision in your youth, your… More →