Felipe Montoro Jen’s Anticipation of Private Sector Growth in Brazillian Economy

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, specialist in Infrastructure projects, this year is a time for tremendous growth for the private sector of the Brazilian economy. Most of the new projects will be installed in the second half of 2018 at a grand total of 57 new projects being enacted in the year 2018 alone. This total is great news for the people of Brazil since 22 sectors will reach 44 billion in investments by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI),reports Jens. Some of the exciting new projects for the second half of 2018 include the Congonhas airport in São Paulo. Also the sale of part of Infraero’s ownership in the airports of Brasilia, Confis, Galeão and Guarulhos are something the Brazilian people can look forward to as well.

There are several highway projects in the works for 2018 but the most interesting project that Jens reports is that the BR-153 between will now be handled by the federal government. Bids on this particular project are scheduled for the last three months of Michel Temer’s term as president.

Also, anticipation intensifies for the the auctions for the port terminals concessions of Belém (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranaguá (PR) and Vitória (ES) not to mention a dozen or more terminals that will also be granted by the federal government.

Another unexpected project for 2018 is the privatization of state-owned companies such as Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espírito Santo, which initially were thought to be in the works to be sold.

According to Jens, the Investment Partnerships Program’s (PPI) involvement in these projects is to strengthen the relationship between the state and the private sector which will then create jobs and benefit the Brazilian people. This lift in the economy will be done by some of the infrastructure and privatization projects listed above. Ultimately, the PPI’s involvement in various projects will provide reassurance to business owners.

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