George Soros Villified for Charitable Contribution of His Wealth Symblematic of Political State

George Soros Vilified for Philanthropic Efforts

For most people, philanthropic contributions are seen as a positive thing. Unfortunately, in the case of George Soros, he has been vilified for donating a large sum of money to his Open Society Foundation. This amounted to a sum of $30 Billion, in addition to $18 Billion in years past. In effect, George Soros has given the majority of his wealth away.


Many Characterize His Efforts as Devilish

Unfortunately, many others have characterized him as being a funder of many movements that are perceived to be as “bad.” Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and a White Nationalist Rally count among some of the movements which George Soros has funded in the eyes of his critics. Nearly all of these allegations are false, as many his critics do not agree with the aims of his Open Society Foundation.


Made $1 Billion in a Day With Short Bet

George Soros famously made $1 Billion in one day in 1992 when he put a short bet on the British Pound. This demonstrated the amount of power that George Soros could wield over financial markets. George Soros is also regarded as a puppet master among many of the individuals whom oppose him.


Philanthropic Efforts Began in 2004 With Re-Election of George Bush

He first began his philanthropic efforts when he spent $27 Million in a 2004 campaign against the re-election of George W. Bush. He alleged that he would also trade in his entire fortune to prevent the re-election of Bush, but the amount spent on the campaign was a very large sum for the time,and learn more about George Soros.


Second Largest Philanthropic Organization in the US

The Open Society Foundation represents the second largest philanthropic organization in the United States, right behind the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Unfortunately, the majority of the attacks which have been directed against George Soros are a direct symptom of the highly divided political climate which is a reality for many Americans. The US has a long history of being welcoming yet suspicious of philanthropic activity. Progressives during the early 1900s were worried that the first industrial philanthropists were working to create a shadow state.


Anti Communist Conspiracy Theories Abound

The Cold War created an entirely new atmosphere where anti-communist conspiracy theories ran amuk. This represents the origin of the fears that many people have regarding modern-day philanthropic efforts such as what George Soros has done.


Jewish Progressive Capitalist

George Soros himself is Jewish, a progressive, and a big believer in capitalism. He provided scholarships for students to study abroad and for South African students to study. The current Prime Minister of Hungary is a recipient of a George Soros fellowship whom is also a huge critic George Soros’s work. He spent large sums of money in Hungary attacking George Soros and immigration policies. Much of George Soros’s philanthropy has been very controversial, as many conspiracy theories have emerged over the use of the funds that George Soros has provided, and

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