Lime Crime Expands to China

Lime Crime is expanding to China. The vegan beauty line specializing in makeup and hair dyes is seeking to help women everywhere join Team Unicorn, and expansion is their next step. Expansion has its drawbacks, however, but Lime Crime plans to pool its resources to get the ball rolling.

One of the factors seeking to hinder Lime Crime’s expansion is one of China’s mandates. The country requires that cosmetics that are sold wholesale be tested on animals. Being cruelty-free, this goes against the company’s moral standards. Although Lime Crime could rid themselves of this problem by shipping from the United States straight to the consumer, this solution poses another obstacle: more complex duties. Transportation logistics, taxes, the probability of customer-returned products, and forming a customer service team that could handle customer inquiries in a foreign language would all add more to the company’s workload. A final difficulty was the fact that multiple marketplaces in China were selling counterfeit lip toppers.

To combat these problems, LimeCrime decided to partner with the Los Angeles-based fashion platform, Revolve. Revolve was expanding into the beauty industry and servicing similar consumers, so for Lime Crime’s official launch, the company asked the customers who visited their website as well as the ones who attended their social events to visit Revolve’s service. Here, Lime Crime informed their customers that Revolve was the only source in all of China that could offer legitimate Lime Crime products.

Lime Crime worked with other influencers, as well. The company’s Global General Manager, Kim Walls, says it’s important to work with people and companies who are very passionate about Lime Crime and what it has to offer. Therefore, Lime Crime and their associates made sure to steer clear of any “first-tier” influencers who have their own brand and who would not be fully committed to Lime Crime’s brand.

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  1. Goodnews absolutely for those who are lovers of lime crime cosmetics. They are now back to the town of the unreachable. Yet some are wiping and sighing for this news…while approached it from a different dimension, people will not understand the main reason behind it. But be rest assured that your desired articles will remain intact.

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