Life Line Screening Recently Did a Survey of Some Three Thousand Customers

In today’s hectic life taking care of ones self can be over looked sometimes, but with six hundred thousand Americans passing every year from heart disease. A persons health can take on a whole new point of view. With nearly twenty percent of deaths being preventable with dietary and lifestyle changed catching health problems early can really benefit a person in the long run. Part of increasing a persons lifespan in preventive screening tests. This can not only catch health problems early, but also provide motivation in staying in a healthy lifestyle. Life Line Screening can help with this.

Heart disease often referred to as the silent killer is usually not detectable to a person until they already have it. It is symptom free for a long time, and a heart attack is often fatal. Those that undergo pre-screening efforts and find that they are highly likely to have heart problems often make real lifestyle changes that make a real impact to there overall health and certainly there lifespan. Even people that have been screened by Life Line Screening and have had great test results have become motivated to make lifestyle changes as well. Every one seems to benefit whether ill or not.

Life Line Screening recently did a survey of some three thousand customers who were pre-screened for heart disease. The study was to figure out how many people would feel motivated to make real lifestyle changes. The results showed that the pre-screening really did motivate people to make real lifestyle and dietary changes. They were also planning for down the line as well. With dietary and exercise being the priority. What was interesting was that this was done regardless of the test results. Whether terrible results or perfect results it just didn’t matter, the pre-screening changed every ones lifestyle. The importance of Life Line Screening for heart disease is that it is impossible to tell without a screening and can cause a lot of damage along the way. Although many people know they should have a better diet and exercise more, but without that motivation it can be hard. Life Line Screening offers advanced cardiovascular health screenings and was founded in nineteen ninety three in Texas. Making the process of getting a screening comfortable and convenient is at the foremost thought of the company. They also provide other screenings such as Finger Stick Blood Tests, Ultrasound Screenings, and Electrocardiograph.

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