Bob Reina dn Talk Fusion: Changing Lives

Bob Reina has just made another huge leap forward in his quest to help people and businesses everywhere. His company, Talk Fusion recently announced a new edition of their product Live Meetings. No longer will participants have to download any programs or updated their Adobe Flash Player. Live Meeting will now run exclusively through a web browser! This one change puts Talk Fusion miles ahead of it’s competitors.

That isn’t the only change to the program either. Talk Fusion has improved the user interface, making it that much easier for beginners to use. And, with Live Meeting’s new “waiting rooms” there will be no odd echoes or strange distortions to the audio. All of these advancements in technology have allowed Talk Fusion to be the only firm of its kind to allow for a web conference of 500 or more attendees.

Bob Reina can rest comfortably in the knowledge that he has helped people everywhere communicate more easily, a very worthy achievement. He is putting the impossible one step closer to those in need.

It has been a goal of Talk Fusion to assist people and communities the world over in achieving their hopes and dreams. And while Bob Reina has always been a personal supporter of those in need, donating one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and financially supporting an Indonesian Orphanage, he is now using Talk Fusion as a platform to help other support their charities. Every Talk Fusion associate is able to donate one free account to the charity or non-profit of their choice. It is just one small way he and Talk Fusion are enabling people everywhere to make their dreams a reality. Learn more:

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