Felipe Montoro Jen’s Anticipation of Private Sector Growth in Brazillian Economy

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, specialist in Infrastructure projects, this year is a time for tremendous growth for the private sector of the Brazilian economy. Most of the new projects will be installed in the second half of 2018 at a grand total of 57 new projects being enacted in the year 2018 alone. This total is great news for… More →

End Citizens United PAC growing stronger every day

Four Republican members of Congress from California are being targeted by a political action committee which is working to overturn Citizens United. It is expected spend millions of dollars in the 2018 midterm elections to get Democrats who support campaign finance reform elected. The political action committee End Citizens United identified the four California congress members as Rep. Mimi Walters,… More →

God’s Mighty Fortress in the Heart of Minnesota

The Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota, strives to be a place devoted to the teaching of the Bible. This congregation is bettering the lives of the people in their area through obedience to the Lord in preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along with regular worship services they provide community outreach and various groups you can attend.… More →

Organo Gold Coffees & Teas

Organo Gold is a purveyor of premium coffees and teas. Their products contain organic ingredients, including Ganoderma lucidum, a Chinese herb which has been shown to increase immune system strength and cardiovascular wellness in lab tests. Organo Gold is sold through a corporate website, and a network of distributors. It’s fast becoming the biggest trend in coffee. Watch this video… More →

George Soros Villified for Charitable Contribution of His Wealth Symblematic of Political State

George Soros Vilified for Philanthropic Efforts For most people, philanthropic contributions are seen as a positive thing. Unfortunately, in the case of George Soros, he has been vilified for donating a large sum of money to his Open Society Foundation. This amounted to a sum of $30 Billion, in addition to $18 Billion in years past. In effect, George Soros… More →

Lime Crime Expands to China

Lime Crime is expanding to China. The vegan beauty line specializing in makeup and hair dyes is seeking to help women everywhere join Team Unicorn, and expansion is their next step. Expansion has its drawbacks, however, but Lime Crime plans to pool its resources to get the ball rolling. One of the factors seeking to hinder Lime Crime’s expansion is… More →

Life Line Screening Recently Did a Survey of Some Three Thousand Customers

In today’s hectic life taking care of ones self can be over looked sometimes, but with six hundred thousand Americans passing every year from heart disease. A persons health can take on a whole new point of view. With nearly twenty percent of deaths being preventable with dietary and lifestyle changed catching health problems early can really benefit a person… More →

Bob Reina dn Talk Fusion: Changing Lives

Bob Reina has just made another huge leap forward in his quest to help people and businesses everywhere. His company, Talk Fusion recently announced a new edition of their product Live Meetings. No longer will participants have to download any programs or updated their Adobe Flash Player. Live Meeting will now run exclusively through a web browser! This one change… More →

Nick Vertucci Offers Simple Steps To Financial Security Using Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has been through some tough times. He was forced to live in his van when he couldn’t afford anywhere else to live. His computer company went belly-up after the dot.com collapse. For 18 months afterwards, he struggled to take care of his family. Things changed for the better when one of Vertucci’s friends took him to a real… More →

Neurocore Takes an Effective Approach to Treating Depression

Medical experts have stated clear signs of depression that even non-medical experts may be able to notice. However, the symptoms are not always obvious. Usually, an individual suffering from depression feels helpless, hopeless, and often worthless. This feeling can last from several days to weeks or longer. The one thing for sure is that depression affects a person’s life in… More →