Greg Secker And Nonito Donaire, Jr. Show Up In A Big Way To Help People Who Lost Their Homes In The Phillipines Typhoon

Greg Secker and Nonito Donaire, Jr., a former world boxing champ, flew into the Phillipines recently to turn over more than 100 homes to people in Iloilo, Lemery, and Capinahan who were all victims of a Typhoon there. Donaire and his wife, Rachel, flew to the Philippines on invitation by Secker to offer their inspiration. As a world champion boxer,… More →

James Dondero and His Long History of Successful Ventures

James Dondero is someone who knows how to make good on his plans, using his experience and educational background to create a $15 billion financial institution. The 54-year-old investment genius is today the president and CEO of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Tax Reform in Focus: Six Key Elements of the Tax Plan @HighlandCapMgmt #investing #taxplan — Harvest Exchange… More →

Jason Hope: Improving the Internet of Things Infrastructure

Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era is an inspiring and eye opening ebook about the importance of the Internet of Things revolution. Articulated by Jason Hope, this informative ebook provides valuable insight to the processes that affect technology and the connectedness of multiple devices. There are multiple aspects of design as well as… More →

Felipe Montoro Jen’s Anticipation of Private Sector Growth in Brazillian Economy

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, specialist in Infrastructure projects, this year is a time for tremendous growth for the private sector of the Brazilian economy. Most of the new projects will be installed in the second half of 2018 at a grand total of 57 new projects being enacted in the year 2018 alone. This total is great news for… More →

End Citizens United PAC growing stronger every day

Four Republican members of Congress from California are being targeted by a political action committee which is working to overturn Citizens United. It is expected spend millions of dollars in the 2018 midterm elections to get Democrats who support campaign finance reform elected. The political action committee End Citizens United identified the four California congress members as Rep. Mimi Walters,… More →

Dick Devos recap article

The story of Dick and Betsy DeVos has been incredibly rooted in community programs, education, and the city of Grand Rapids, their hometown. Dick DeVos has contributed greatly to the success of businesses in his hometown by working with aviation companies and city leaders to create something better. One incident stands out among the rest in recent years. Grand Rapids… More →

God’s Mighty Fortress in the Heart of Minnesota

The Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota, strives to be a place devoted to the teaching of the Bible. This congregation is bettering the lives of the people in their area through obedience to the Lord in preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along with regular worship services they provide community outreach and various groups you can attend.… More →