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Failure is the mother of all success; Google has faced major setbacks in trying to launch a social network to rival Facebook. But none the less that did not deter Google from achieving their set goals. It seems Google has something to show for all their hard work.



In an interview by the Congress Google, Facebook and Twitter found themselves on the hot seat regarding the influence and role social media played in the 2016 Russian disinformation campaign. Kent walker Google’s representative asked the Congress to differentiate the search giant from social networks claiming that Google is not a Social Network.



The public court has not been lenient on the Tech companies, critics of the said social networks also consider the tech companies to be unmindful due to their power and status in society. The hearing between the trio and the Congress has also shed a bad light on the tech companies in regard to the Russian involvement in the 2016 election.



The companies seemed surprised that hostile intelligent service can misuse their platforms in such a manner. Tim’s cook Apples chief executive expressed his shock in the fact that soon social platforms are going to be weaponized against its user’s. More information can be accessed on;



Following a recent interview with NBC news cook expressed his concern on the negative use of social platforms; the social sites were being used to divide people, manipulate them and in the creation of fake news. Mr. Bayer an esteemed professor of Ohio University; focuses on social networks finds it disturbing that tech companies are trying to minimize the amount of influence they have on society. Mr. Bayer sees this as a telling sign of the times we are in as a society.



Jan Dawson an analyst at the Technology states that regardless of the light that has been shed on social networks; they still remain a force to be reckoned with.


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