It is not just the Color of the Eyes, But the size of the Limbal Ring

People will tend to judge others based on the appearance of their eyes. The presence of a limbal ring is something that has always been overlooked, though unknowingly – we use it to judge how young, healthy, or even attractive someone is.



What is a Limbal Ring?



The limbal ring is a single or multiple dark circles around the iris that separates the white part of the eye (the sclera) from the colored part. Medical research shows that the limbal ring is thickest at birth and gradually becomes less prominent with age or poor health. The visibility of the ring is also more in eyes which have a clear cornea. Clarity of the cornea is determined by the amount of phospholipids present in one’s bloodstream.



Are People Conscious of the Limbal ring?



Many evolutionary psychologists agree that the limbal ring is important, especially since it is unconsciously used to judge how attractive one is. The number of people seeking limbal ring contact lens that makes the ring more visible is increasing every day. This is an indication that folks have become conscious about the appearance of their eyes. Unfortunately, there are no ways of enhancing the ring naturally. The only way to fake having it is by using the contact lens. Some people try popping out their eyes to make the cornea whiter, thus making the limbal ring more visible.



Most people get attracted to people with these rings, but of course, attractiveness is only a quality considered for short-term relationships. People who seek for lasting relationships do not base their search on looks. The absence of the limbal ring is therefore not a defect. Its presence is just an added advantage to one’s facial looks.



Using cosmetic contact lens to enhance your limbal ring can cause eye infections, scarring of the eye, and even worse, blindness!


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