Eye Health Innovations That Are Creating a Better World Faster

When spectacles came to existence, people with eye problems were happy for having yet another chance to see again. Many would think that that was the end of eye health innovation, then came the contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses that served the purpose even better. But with technology quickly changing, there can always be more to hope for. The use of technology and extensive research has led to various eye devices and treatment innovation that could prevent eye diseases. Below are just but a few developments that are vital to diagnose and treat eye diseases.






This development is essential to people with eye diseases and praised by people on low income. It is an ophthalmoscope that is durable, lightweight, and powered by solar. It has an otoscope attachment that is used to look into the ears. The Arclight is available for as little as $10, and if you buy the device in bulk, you can get great discounts.



The Cybersight



Despite your country of origin as an ophthalmologist, this development enables you to benefit from the latest knowledge and experience of the Orbis, the developer. It is done online through consultations, learning, and resources. Orbis is capable of reaching all its participating centers. Already several states such as China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Cambodia are member states.






Peek uses a smartphone system to examine the eye comprehensively. This makes the innovation usable remotely. Despite it being portable, it is also loved for its ease of use and affordability. Smart minds comprising of ophthalmologists, engineers software developers, and business experts are working as a team to develop it further.






This technology by Fred Hollows Foundation is aimed at combating the rampant growth of diabetes. Research shows that in the next 20 years, diabetes would have affected over 592 million people globally. Marvin takes high-quality photos of the back of the eye to examine the extent of damage caused as a result of diabetes. Using this technology is easy.


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