Bob Reina Helps Less Fortunate Pets of The Humane Society by Donating A Million Dollars This Year

Do you make contributions each year to a good cause in your area? Do you like to know about the people who make donations each year to the good causes? Do you want to make more of an effort but don’t know how? If so, there are organizations and groups out there who are in need each year of donations. Those donations can be in any form whether it be through donating money or by volunteering.


One of the places that is in need yearly for contributions is the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Each year, guests are invited to come to an annual gala that is used to bring in funds to the humane society. These guests are asked to come up with their own amounts and to choose how often they make a donation.


One of the people who come to this event each year is Bob Reina. He was raised to have a love for all animals and because he cares for them, he makes a good size donation to the humane society yearly. This year has been an especially good one for the Tampa Bay humane society as they came up with an idea to help other pet owners.


For the humane society, they wanted to come up with a way that they could help those in the area that were unable to afford vet services for their pets. The idea is to create a vet center that will be used by those in the area to offer vaccinations and services needed by pet owners.


In many cases, a pet will require services by a vet that is unable to be paid for and therefore the pet will go without. With the help of the Tampa Bay humane society, this will no longer be a problem for those who are on a limited income. Learn more:


What most people do not realize is, it costs a great deal of money each year to support strays that are brought into the humane society. The cost goes up for each animal if the animal becomes sick. That is why they depend on donations brought in yearly.


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