BBC Warns That Nerf Guns Could Lead To Devestation in Eye Health

In a recent article regarding eye health published by the BBC News Outlet, contributors warned that bullets purchased by families for the Nerf toy gun can be incredibly damaging to individuals of all ages. The article listed several incidents where adults and children suffered extreme eye injuries after being shot in the eye with the toy gun pellets. As a result of these incidents, several physicians have lobbied to force the manufacturers of the Nerf pellet guns to include an eye warning on the packaging of the toy. This warning would advise parents to place protective goggles on themselves and on children before using the toy for entertainment.

The article referenced an incident that took place in the early portion of 2017 at the home of Jacob and Sarah Smith. During this incident, the parents were said to have been playing with the Nerf pellet guns along with their two sons in an outdoor environment. Jason Smith accidentally fired the Nerf gun at close range to his wife’s eye. Sarah’s eye immediately went black and, according to the statement she gave the BBC, felt like black ink had been shot into it. Smith described the sensation as extremely painful and was quickly transported to the nearest emergency room where she was treated for a flattened pupil. While her vision returned within several days of the incident, it remained blurry and distorted for six additional months. The Smiths now keep the Nerf pellet guns locked in a storage locker. The guns are only allowed to be used by their boys under direct adult supervision and with the use of protective goggles.

Another incident where the Nerf pellet guns where sited as a danger to eye health was a case that occurred in Lincoln, Nebraska in the home of a single mother and her 9 year old son. Debbie Morgan reported that her son was shot at point blank range by a Nerf gun earlier this year and that the shot caused temporary blindness and pain.

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