The Brain behind Joao Pessoa Entertainment- Roberto Santiago

We all need to relax after a long week of hard work. This helps in re-energizing our body. Research has shown that people who take time off their usual schedule are more productive compared to the individuals who work all the time. People of Joao Pessoa had been denied this luxury for a very long time. This was because of lack of leisure facilities around the area. The few who insisted on having fun had to travel long distances to access the recreational facilities. Roberto Santiago observed this as he grew up. It is from the concern of his people that he decided to build a recreational facility that is well equipped for everyone.

He attended both the University of Joao Pessoa and Pio X-Marist. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This was crucial for his entrepreneur work. It could help understand the basics of running a business.

He never began as the famous person he is today. He began small. It is through patience and determination that he became the most ranked investor in Brazil. Roberto Santiago began as an employee in Café Rosa. This is a company that deals with home décor. To Roberto Santiago, this was an opportunity he had to embrace. He learned a lot and gathered enough funds to begin his company.

His first company was a cartonnage company. He made cardboards using cartoons. Santiago must have had a good grip on business because it became the most premium in home décor. This was however not his dream. His passion was in real estate.

In 1987, he purchased the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The mall covers 75000m2. This explains why the people refer to the mall as the small city. Every basic need that one may need is in Manaira mall. Whether you want general shopping, jewelry, clothes the mall has everything you need.

Regarding entertainment, Roberto Santiago has achieved his objective. This is the home of entertainment. There numerous that one can get involved in at the mall. There are a gaming arenas and playing stations for children.

Then there is the Domus Hall. The hall was the ultimate surprise for the people. They never had anything glorious like the Domus Hall before. It can accommodate more than 12000 people. This capacity does not reduce the effectiveness of the hall.

Anyone who has watched a 3D movie here admits it was one of those memorable moments in their life. The auditory range is of quality. It gives you an opportunity to feel all the emotions of an actor.

Bottom Line

Roberto Santiago is an asset to the residents of Joao Pessoa. He is the brain behind the lively life of the people. Through his investment, families have reunited.


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