Are Eye Health Apps Worth It?

There are many mobile apps that are designed to reduce eye strain. You may be wondering whether you should download any of these apps. Dr. Mo Dirani is an eye doctor who works for Singapore Eye Research Institute. He has some tips for people who want to download an eye app. He stated that you should download an app that is affiliated with clinical eye centers or independent medical research institutes.

Dr. Dirani has teamed up with Singapore National Eye Centre to promote an app called Plano. This is an app that allows parents to keep track of their children’s phone use. Parents are able to keep track of the amount of time that children spend on their smart phone. It will also keep track of how close the smart phone is to one’s face.

Dr. Dirani stated that excessive use of phones is a major problem. Apps like Plano will ensure that users do not engage in excessive phone use. Dr. Dirani also recommends using apps with blue light filters. Studies have shown that these apps can help improve sleeping habits and reduce eye strain symptoms. They can also protect the retina.

Dr. Dirani does not recommend using apps that black out the screen in order to encourage one to take a break. He stated that these apps really do not do much to prevent eye strain. The average 12-year-old already spends six hours a day on their mobile device. The average 9-year-old spends 4.5 hours a day on their mobile device.

Dr. Dirani also believes that educating people about how to appropriately use mobile devices will be more effective than using apps. People need to understand that using mobile devices in excess can increase the risk of mental health problems, sleep problems and sedentary behavior. It can also cause myopia, which is better known as nearsightedness.

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