Elysium Health: Making Strides with Supplements

Aging is one of the unsolved health problems of our time. While most people are okay with the idea of aging graceful, a few of the likes of Leonard Guarente, aged 62 years, are not happy and hence their commitment to using all means possible to solve the aging mystery. Elysium Health, established almost a year ago might just be the solutions individuals are looking for. However simple this may sound, nothing could be further from the truth.

The science of manufacturing pills is one that requires a lot of time and numerous trials, and one Elysium Health is not prepared to wait. Currently, the company has manufactured a pill known as Basis that has been tested in lab mice and worms and found out to be effective beyond a reasonable doubt. However, there is no sufficient evidence that this drug has the same effects in human beings. To get the drug to the market, Elysium Health has resorted to introducing it as a nutrient supplement thus helping it elude the many barriers imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Department.

Elysium Health is a startup business formed to help with the current problem of aging. Leonard Guarente founded Elysium Health alongside Dan Alminana who is the chief operating officer and Eric Marcotulli, a venture capitalist as its CEO. To add to the list of investors the company refused to disclose are five Nobel Prize winners supporting the vision of the company through their valuable advice.

The goal of Elysium Health is to combat aging by improving the cell health. According to the lab trials the company was able to single out NAD as the component responsible for aging in the body. This element also controls all the communications around the nucleus and the cell. It is a known fact that as we age, our body’s level of NAD reduces. Therefore, by increasing the supply of NAD to the body through the consumption of Basis, Elysium Health is seeking to delay an individual’s aging time.

Apart from delaying the aging process, Basis, which is Elysium Health main product currently, will also help regulate the supplement industry. Elysium Health sees to it that it follows to the latter the strict pharmaceutical quality assurance procedures despite the pill being a supplement product. One of the ways is by ensuring that this tablet contains the required essential components and nothing more.

Elysium Health will also monitor and regulate the distribution of their pill. Unlike other supplement products, Basis will only be sold through the businesses website in two packages; 30-day supply for 60 US dollars and an ongoing monthly subscription for 50 dollars a month.https://futurism.com/can-a-new-supplement-change-how-we-age/

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