What Soros Has achieved so far through his Open Society Foundations

George Soros has been a part of the elite American philanthropists for the last three decades. He moved to the country after he did what has come to be known as breaking the British bank. During the said black Wednesday deal, he made a profit of 1 billion dollars by making a short sale of 10 million sterling pounds. This was the sale that solidified his position as one of the wealthiest on the planet and what George Soros knows.

Since he started operating in the country, George has become very sensitive to the courses which support an open and just society. There was a time when he was involved in a push for some South African students to get scholarships during the apartheid regime. Another movement that he supported was a group which was fighting for people’s individual rights to choose their dying wishes. He was one of the few business magnates who was actively involved in advocating against the Marxist regime that had existed for decades in Eastern Europe and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George has always held Eastern Europe close to his heart. It is because he was born in Hungary, and was forced to flee his home because of the Holocaust. It is this event that left an indelible. It made him an advocate for human rights, justice and equality for all people regardless of their race. He started the George Soros Foundation to advance this agenda. He has been involved in a few controversies in the past. For instance, there is a conspiracy theory that has been trying to link him with the accident that happened in Charlottesville. However, looking closely at the way his society operates shows that he can’t possibly have masterminded such an attack and learn more about George Soros.

Soros believed in peace. He believes it is possible to use mass action, but peacefully, to communicate when something needs to be rectified. This is the approach which he gave the Ferguson protests. The issue with Ferguson was shooting of the African American teenager. The problem was taken up on social media, and there was an outrage. A hashtag which said black lives matter was started. It evolved into people grouping up so that they could go for street protests. The foundation helped give money to hire the buses which took the protestors to the state and follow him  Twitter.com.

It is true that George participates in politics, especially the Liberal politics. However, he does not in any way engage in activities that undermine the concept of a free society which America boasts. He has supported Obama in his bid to the Whitehouse, and also Hillary Clinton. He believes that it is possible to transform the world into a better place if people avoid hurting one another and build a just society for everyone and more information click here.

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