Eric Pulier The Adventure Capitalist

Eric Pulier has helped many future entrepreneurs to get the funds to help them achieve their dreams and their passions in business. As a successful entrepreneur with a mind full of innovations, he has contributed to transforming many revolutionary technologies used today. Eric notes that when he looked at the world and saw that it’s full of ideas which were not available in the market, the passion for technology in him pushed him to come up with ideologies of the ideas accessible to the market. Through his experience, he has learned to quickly point out the serious and passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to sacrifice long hours and become successful in the long term. He does this through interviewing them, and he does that as adventure capitalist whose passion it to search for new ideas. According to Eric, it has helped him to make lots of money.

However, Eric Pulier noted that it was not easy to make a profit when he started because it took him time to mentor his employees and also improve his products. He made it simple to make the profit by investing a long time on finding ways on how to do the launching of his product and figuring out its logistics. He advises other entrepreneurs to be optimistic of what they do and have faith in their ideas. That is what made him succeed because he never doubted it would work out for him. On how he got his first customer, Eric pointed out that in 1994 as the founder of Digital Evolution, he used the word of mouth style to find customers which he did for four years to make the company grow. His top priority in his businesses maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

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On marketing his strategy, Eric he uses pay per click advertising because that is the most efficient way to track his business and target his desired audience. Eric does not use his profit to expand his businesses, but he uses the surplus and believes that startups are the key to a brighter future. He has created many innovative companies and consumers have benefited from their technologies.

Eric Pulier graduated with literature from Harvard University in 1988 and 1991 he started People Doing Thing. The company was dedicated to education and healthcare and was aimed at creating technologies of facing the biggest challenges of the same. He has many businesses, but the latest is vAtomic Systems whose aim is to merge the physical and digital world.


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