Do You Self-Sabotage Your Own Diet?


Are you one of those people who has tried every diet out there, and still can’t seem to lose any weight? Maybe you’re the type to get into a rhythm and then one little setback makes you fall out of place. Possibly the most difficult part about working out or sticking to a diet is the internal battle we have with ourselves. Human beings are very good at justifying bad behavior. We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to living healthier life styles. Fortunately there are experts out there who can help us deter self-sabotage to make sure we meet our health goals!


The first step is to recognize when you are holding yourself back from achieving your goals. Nobody made you eat half a pizza when you got back from the gym. Nobody else but you decided to stop going to Zumba. Nobody else made you stray from the various diets you’ve tried. It’s easy to place the blame on external factors such as the gym being too far away, too expensive, this diet is too restrictive, that diet is too much work. If you are struggling with weight loss you need to ask yourself, “Am I the one getting in the way of my goals?”


One expert points to fear of success as a reason why people self-sabotage. If we start to see results with a diet or exercise regimen, there won’t be any excuses left not to accomplish our goals. You won’t be able to use your weight as an excuse not to take that Caribbean vacation, go to the beach in a bikini or go on that date.


We often use food as a way to deal with our emotions or problems. Stress-eating or binge-eating doesn’t just happen, there are psychological forces behind these self-sabotaging behaviors. You need to look within yourself to identify why you turn to food in times of emotional turmoil and figure out ways to overcome that.


Introspection isn’t always easy so you can use the following technique to help figure out why you overeat. Founded by Adam Gilbert of, these three easy steps may help you confront your self-sabotaging ways. He presents this in a worksheet format to clients and should be done in list form. Using this list will help get at the core of why you self-sabotage your weight loss goals.



  • 5 reasons why you will be worst off when you achieve your goal
  • Challenge your fears
  • 5 reasons why you will be better off when you achieve your goal


The first set are usually just the excuses we tell ourselves to get out of doing the work we have to do to succeed. It can be very scary to start doing something that you might fail at. Feelings of failure can be a large deterrent for people to continue on when they’ve hit a roadblock. Just remember that these are excuses and you can overcome them! Which leads to the next step…


Play devil’s advocate with yourself. Be the lawyer on the opposing side. Be the voice of reason instead of chaos. If your reason for not continuing your diet is that people will talk and sneer at your beach body anyway, try to flip it around! Think of how many compliments you’ll receive, especially from people who know how much work you’ve put into your weight loss.

Sometimes it just requires a focal point, something you don’t have to think about.  Treating food like fuel, and not as a recreational hobby can help a lot.  But picking things out takes time, as does meal planning, etc.  With Nutrisystem you don’t have to do that.  And Nutrisystem cost isn’t that bad compared to what you’re already paying for expensive groceries all week.

Finally, try to recognize the ways in which your life will improve with a steady diet and exercise. Think about how much better you will feel, mentally and physically. Envision a life where you are content with yourself, inside and out. When it comes down to it, you have to be your biggest supporter. You can’t let your fears take over and prevent you from reaching your goals. In order to succeed with weight loss you have to look inside yourself to identify the real reasons why you’ve failed in the past, and tackle those issues head on. Getting healthy is never quite easy, but it can be done!

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