Why End Citizens United Has Been Instrumental In Shaping American Politics

The history of American Politics
For several years, politics has been a forum where people get free favors from the innocent citizens. The politicians have been sponsored by different organizations and people to come up with policies that favor certain specific interests. With this focus, it is has been hard for the people to get a fair hearing from their leaders. All the laws that have been enacted have worked against the people, and in the end, they suffer consequences innocently. For this reason, the citizens have been continuously crying for change after every regime. The congress, senate and the position for governors are almost changed after every election period because of the dissatisfaction that the people express after the elections. In the end, the same leaders keep on repeating the same mistakes.

The contribution of End Citizens United
To solve the continuing problem in the United States, a group of citizens came up with an organization that would bring a change in the political condition of the country. The desired change would include the complete consideration of the type of candidates to be chosen. End Citizen United is an organization that has set its policies. The policies set are the types that directly affect the citizens. The organization then sponsors certain specific leaders who can push for the policies to be implemented. So far, the End Citizen United has been beneficial as the leaders that it has sponsored have made positive contributions towards the growth of the economy.

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The promise to the citizens
The End Citizen United has pledged its good services to the people of the United States. The organization is currently run by the common citizens because most people have failed in doing their rightful duties. From time to time, the End Citizen United gives the public its report card. Other than supporting the leaders to the various elective posts, the End Citizen United sensitizes the citizens on the different ways in which the non-performing leaders can be recalled. The firing of the non-performing leaders does not depend on the party that sponsored them to the various elective posts. The End Citizen United equally gives the citizens a way forward in case of a developing crisis. Before specific leaders are selected, the organization does everything with the approval of the public. The citizens have the most say in how the operations are run since they are the biggest shareholders. In the event that the organization is to implement something against the wish of the people, the process has to be suspended until all the issues are resolved. The company confirms that it is not an easy thing to satisfy everyone, but it tries its best to consider all the concerns of the citizens.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

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