Whitney Wolfe Transitions from Single to Married as Bumble Transitions to Dating App to Much More

Whitney Wolfe is getting people’s attention with her Bumble BFF app idea. This is a new concept that many people have not heard of before. The fact that it is new and exciting makes it something that people are going to want to embrace. Whitney Wolfe knows that she can put all of her focus into singles with her dating app, but her mind state is changing and she has plans to expand. The fact that she got married recently proves that she has more on her mind than simply dating. Whitney Wolfe has a desire to help a lot of people that are looking for things beyond dating.

With her recent dating app Whitney Wolfe realizes that there are people that may initially be single that may acquire a match. When this happens a completely different shift in the way that people look at dating will occur. For those that find the perfect match through Bumble they will essentially be done with this app. These people may be tempted to uninstall it from their phones and totally lose all interest in Bumble after they have found their match. Whitney Wolfe does not like the possibility of this type of download spiral for her app. She realizes that she has to do more in order to keep users of Bumble connected with this site.

Just as she has transitioned from a single woman to a wife she realizes that others are going to utilize her app and if they are successful they will do the same. She does not want them to lose interest in her app though. This is why she puts her focus on other aspects of social media where networking is involved.

As a business professional Whitney Wolfe realizes that one can never have too many business contacts. In fact, it makes more sense to expand your business contacts as you build your business or climb your way up the corporate ladder. This is something that people can continue to utilize even when they are no longer connected to the dating app side of Bumble. This is what Whitney Wolfe is aiming for, and that is why she has taken time to create a dating app like this that has other dimensions outside of dating. Whitney wants Bumble to be known as more than just a dating app. She wants it to become a social media dynasty.

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