Reasons to Get Your Beneful at Walmart

Why shop at a pet store when you can get your much needed Purina Beneful pet food at Walamrt for less!

Walmart caries your dog’s essentials with wet and dry Beneful Pet Food at a great price. You can get Purina’s Beneful dog food for as little as $1.51 at Walmart. Beneful wet food medley is available at Walmart for as little as $6.97 for 12 cans, while dry food is available for as little as $4.98 for a 3.5lb bag. This is a great price considering what some other pet stores are charging.

Walmart also carries the Beneful Originals with real salmon at $42.69 for a 31.1lb bag as well as the Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients such as chicken and beef. The cost for Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients is available for $5.84 at 3.5lbs.

Larger bags of food are also available at Walmart. The dry food originals is available for $34 at 40lbs and the healthy weight dry food with real ingredients is available for $70 at 40lbs. The wet food is available in bulk with Baneful Romana Style Medley at $64 for 24 cans.

Although there are coupons for Purina, there are no listed coupons for Purina Beneful specifically at Walmart. Though, there are discounts given by Purina Beneful on their website when you sign up for their subscription. since the prices are low, coupons are not necessary. If you are looking for a discount, though, you can find rollback prices for the wonderfully delicious dog food in the summer months.

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