Agora Financial Has Led the Way For Predictive Economics

From a historical standpoint, Agora Financial has beaten the mainstream media to the punch as far as warnings about severe economic conditions. Agora is known for three primary publications that rocked the financial world, “Strategic Investment” in 1984, the “Daily Reckoning” in 1999, and “Plague of the Black Debt” in 1992.

The readers of these publications were made aware of pending economic conditions that no one else even dreamed would come true. Various dire financial and economic situations such as the housing bubble, the tech bubble, the credit bubble, the Lehman Brothers fiasco, all of the excesses that caused the Panic of 2008, and the American Airlines bankruptcy were all foretold prior to their actual occurrence by Agora. The advance information about these occurrences helps investors prosper who heeded the information while many others languished due to their lack of information and follow their Twitter.

Agora in continually challenging the more traditional news media and financial reports by their seemingly “out of bounds” financial news where the commentary seems off the beaten path. However when the commentary comes true, the mainstream outlets remain quiet as to Agora’s predictions and learn more about Agora Financial.

Addison Wiggin is the main driving force of the publication as he is a best-selling author and was the originator primary focus behind I.O.U.S.A, a powerful documentary film regarding economic events. If the mainstream media doesn’t come up with the information, they simply ignore the observations of Agora and pretend to take credit for the events. Dates and historical proofs don’t like however, and for the unwary the predictions that Agora has made known are historically accurate as they can always be referred to and resume their.

Agora offers free economic advice and is 100% independent financially via the unbiased commentary about financial markets and economic conditions. The editors of Agora do not shy away from making bold economic conditions simply based on the evidence and what is likely to occur from the facts and more information click here.

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