Omar is More than a Business Man

As generations change, so do the worldviews of people. And as the worldviews of people change, so do business practices. This new generation sees the world differently. They do not think that a business’ main goal is to make money. They believe that a business’ main goal should be to change the world. However, there was a thinker just a few generations prior to the millennials who viewed business the same way. His name was Omar Boraie. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Omar Boraie is the 73 year old patriarch of Boraie Development LLC. He also happens to serve as the President of the company. Boraie did not start Boraie Development as a way to make money. He started his company, according the, as a way to help bring a renaissance to the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.


New Brunswick, New Jersey was a dilapidated mess when Omar first saw it, and he longed for it to look that the European cities he saw in his travels. Unfortunately, everybody thought he was crazy, but after four decades, he has proved his doubters wrong.


According to NJ Biz, Omar began focusing on the areas the city needed for survival. He focused on family atmosphere, opportunities for business, reasons for old businesses to stay, and residential areas to attract more professionals.


Omar Boraie has done many things to make New Brunswick, New Jersey more family friendly. One such thing, which is reported by the New Jersey Stage, was to provide free entertainment at the local theatre.


Omar Boraie partnered with the Provident Band Foundation to provide families with ways to grow closer. The article states that the State Theatre would be able to continue its Free Summer Movie Series and would show the movies Froves, E.T. Despicable Me 2, and many others, all for free. Just in the year of 2016, over 7,500 families were positively impacted.


Omar would then begin focusing on bringing in businesses, and in turn, jobs. To make that goal a reality, he built Class A office space. These would be located in his Albany Street Towers. The first filled up so fast, he had to build the second one a few years later.


Omar then would build professional residential with his buildings known as Aspire. These included a parking garage, barbeque area, and even a place to walk your dogs.


Omar’s vision was to change New Brunswick. Through perseverance, he made it happen.




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