Record Case of Stuck Contact Lenses

The danger of not getting a regular eye exam was revealed recently when a 67-year-old woman with eye problems made the headlines. Just before she was about to undergo surgery for cataracts, the anesthetist discovered two large clumps of soft contact lenses stuck in her eye. The first clump had 17 of them. And the other clump had ten. Initially, they appeared to be blue masses that no one could recognize. It was only when they were removed that the layers of them were spotted.

Normally, ophthalmologists will only refill prescriptions for contact lenses once a year or so. And if a person wants to keep getting their prescription, they have to have a new eye exam done. This ensures that the prescription that they are getting is correct. And it also helps the eye doctor be able to spot any potential eye problems or diseases quickly. However, the woman who got the contacts stuck in her eye somehow managed to avoid the eye doctor for many years.

Since it was only when the woman started to have other eye problems that she finally sought out help, it is important that others who wear contact lenses recognize the potential symptoms of one of them getting stuck. The warning signs include sharp pain in the eye, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and redness. Sometimes, there is also a gritty sensation if the contact is rubbing into the cornea.

Luckily, the doctor was able to successfully remove all of the stuck contacts from the woman’s eye, so she was able to have the surgery for her cataracts at a later date. Since this was the first time that this amount of contact lenses was ever found stuck in someone’s eye though, this medical case made history.

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