Crucial Guidelines to Follow To Protect Your Eye Health

Eye health is widely considered to be an essential component of good health to each citizen. However, most people fail to pay adequate attention to this delicate organ while focusing on other body organs. To prove the accuracy of this statement, surgeons recently removed 27 contact lenses from a 67-year old patient’s eye in Solihull Hospital. The aged woman had shown up for routine cataract surgery which surprisingly revealed the shocking state of affairs.

According to verified information from the medical team, the operating surgeon had to extract a “bluish foreign body” which ultimately turned out to be a compact mass of 17 lenses blended with mucus and other additional lenses were later pulled out during the process.

Based on the BMJ’s report, the elderly patient had worn the non-reusable lenses for over 35 years without experiencing any form of irritation. Upon their removal, she remarkably felt much comfortable and at ease with her eyes. On this account, an ophthalmology specialist, Rupal Morjaria reiterated on the initial shock witnessed by the operating team. In a nutshell, the experts were initially shocked that the patient hardly felt any irritation whatsoever arising from the significantly large mass of lenses collected.

Further reports indicated that the patient’s previous discomfort didn’t stem from old age but was directly attributed to the eye infection. According to Ceri Smith-Jaynes, a prominent optometrist spokeswoman, losing eye contact lenses has been a common problem but most eventually find their way out. To safeguard your eye health, she highly advises patients to adhere to the following guidelines:
• Replace previously worn lenses to reduce chances of infection
• Avoid swimming while wearing contact lenses
• Thoroughly wash your hand dry them before placing them in the eyes
• Visit your physician for regular check-ups
• Don’t wear lenses for extended durations lasting more than 16 hours a day
• Visit your optician in case you experience any pain or signs of redness around your eyes

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