Nathaniel Ru Gets Lots of Support From People that Want Healthy Alternative

Nathaniel Ru is an innovator in the fast-food industry whether he wants to be or not. He has done a great job of changing the way that people look at the fast food industry because he has created a powerful alternative to traditional fast food.

Some people might say that the healthy food options that he has presented through Sweetgreen is really not fast food, but Nathaniel would disagree. What he wanted to do was create fast food that was healthy. This is the only thing that changes what he is doing from what all the other mainstream restaurants like McDonald’s are implementing.

What Nathaniel Ru has managed to do is create the healthy menu for all of those that are trying to balance their workout routines with a healthy diet plan. The average person that comes home in the afternoon is not going to have their mind on cooking if they have just come from the gym.

That is where a healthy fast food restaurant like Sweetgreen definitely comes in handy. He was one such person that was a healthy alternative, but he cannot find one. His friends shared the same issues when they were going to Georgetown.

They wanted a fast food establishment that still served healthy menu items, but this was a hard thing to find. That is the reason that Nathaniel Ru put his time and effort into building a restaurant like Sweetgreen.

It is very possible that Sweetgreen could have simply become a single restaurant that was only available to people that attended the college that Nathaniel Ru attended. He put the first Sweetgreen location near Georgetown University, but this would prove to be a very popular spot. It would become so popular, in fact, that Nathaniel Ru would totally change the way that people looked at fast food.

Nathaniel open a multitude of restaurants in California, Illinois and New York. The Sweetgreen franchise would take off, and celebrities would even become involved with this franchise by way of the Sweetgreen Music Festival. It would prove to become a very profitable restaurant, and few people may have guessed that someone that promoted healthy food options could do as well as it did.

Everyone may have been surprised about it, but Nathaniel Ru certainly showed that he had a plan that would work well. Nathaniel wanted to create menus that entire family could come together on.

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