Psychotherapy Specialist, Patty Rocklage

There has been an increase in mental illnesses during the recent years, requiring clients to seek help from specialized psychotherapists like Patty Rocklage. Patty offers her service to families and couples with issues in their relationships.

Not only is Patty Rocklage qualified through her degree in psychology from USC, she has a welcoming personality that will make you feel as if you’re asking a close friend for advice.

She is very experienced in psychology as she has been in this field for over 20 years. Over the years, her profession has helped her to become proficient in public speaking, team building, coaching, and sharing her knowledge with others. Patty can be found in the Massachusetts area with her husband, Scott Rocklage. Read more: Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

Patty and Scott often contribute to the community by donating their time and money. Scott graduated from MIT with a PhD in Chemistry in 1982. Because Scott is an alumni, the couple was encouraged to donate towards the school’s funds.

These funds were given to the nanotechnology department to improve labs and research supplies. Patty volunteers her time to help refugees in South Sudan find employment opportunities and receive education.

This psychotherapist is successful in her career and enjoys to live in a classy manner while being modest about it.

The Rocklage’s house has been remodeled to make the house feel more connected, which is a trait that Patty strongly possesses. Patty feels connected clients, family, and anyone she has relations to. Patty knows how to manage her life to have balance in work, family, and charity.

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