Woman Wears Contacts for 27 Years and Loses Them On Her Eyes

A 67 year old woman has been wearing contacts for much of her life. Recently she went in for cataract surgery but what they found was far more fascinating. The woman had never once complained about experiencing any kind of irritation prior to the day of surgery. What they found were 27 layers of contacts on her eyes. 27 Contact Lenses

The woman has said that following the removal of the contact lenses, she was much more comfortable. There has never been any one before who has experienced this prior to this report. The reports state that while the patient had said she never experienced any type of irritation, this is a very unlikely situation. In many cases, if someone was to apply more than one layer of contact to their eyes, their eyes would begin to be irritated due to the foreign body.

The woman had said that prior to the surgery, she was experiencing what she thought to be symptoms from growing older and the breakdown of her body. While she made these reports, she had started to notice that she was experiencing vision problems within her right eye and that her eyes were deep set which could have resulted in the contact lenses being lost on the eye.

In some cases, there has been reports of the contacts losing their way in the eye however in most cases, the contacts would eventually work free and fall out. In this case, the lenses became lost and stayed lost. For most people who experience this problem, they find that the lenses are hiding underneath the fold of the top lid but in this case, they did not stay in that spot.

It is important that you never wear your contact lenses for longer periods of time as this is what can lead to infections. It is luck that his woman never experienced this problem while wearing those contacts.

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