Is Obamacare Leading The Blind? confirms that for children, vision screening is required as it is categorized under preventive care, so this means that it is covered by the health plan without any charges. However services such as these shall remain free, until a child reaches the age of 19 within the guidelines of the ACA-compliant plan. Keep in mind that vision screening is in no way required as being the same as a full eye exam. Vision screening is a procedure that is often performed by a pediatric physician solely for the detection and identification of eye defects.

The fact that there is no enrollment for eyecare insurance for Americans over the age of 19, under Obamacare, doesn’t seem too bright an idea. All that are exempt from kids coverage pay for eye exams and glasses, according to The Affordable Care Act, will struggle with the more severe issues that undergo vision care patients. So why is it that you can provide a child with an eye exam but you would refuse certain optic procedures to an elderly patient? One has to ask, what cause is there for such obvious inconsideration other than a policy. Especially one backed by the mandate that everyone must have health care or be taxed indefinitely. It is common for politicians, to undermine the importance of reliable services before the American tax dollar.

Under Obamacare the health plan that seems at first to be a good offer, still has many loopholes. These kinks must be worked out in time. The rates that eye defects are affecting Americans are increasing. If certain exchanges to cover vision medical expenses are not met, or at least enacted upon for improvement, the rift can cause even more distrust between the people and political policies. It is my suggestion that if there is to be a required plan to help people, then it should be made to help everyone just the same.

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