Woman Goes in For Minor Eye Surgery, Doctors Locate 27 Pairs of Contact Lenses Instead

A doctor in the UK scheduled a routine cataract surgery for a woman who was experiencing symptoms from cataracts. The doctor placed her in the operating room where he found more than what he was bargaining for. What he found in the woman’s eye was instead a blue mass. This mass however was more than what he thought it was.

The 67 year old woman entered the doctors office for what she described to be dry eyes and loss of some vision in her right eye. He scheduled her for surgery and that is when he found the mass on her eye.

For some people, they feel that they don’t look good in glasses or they would rather not wear them in general. In this case, a woman wore contacts for a number of years and her contacts had never given her any kind of problems. She had lost the contacts over and over again and had no idea where they had went to. Instead of going to the doctor and explaining that this was happening, she continued to put more contacts in.

When the doctor found the mass in her eye, he removed it to find 17 lenses that were stuck together and then 10 more lenses beneath the mass in the eye. No one had ever seen this or experienced this prior to the procedure taking place. What baffled the doctors even more than the fact that there was this amount of contacts, the fact that the patient had not experienced any kind of infection or loss of sight prior to this surgery. Before the surgery, the woman complained of experiencing dry eyes but nothing more than that. It was a complete shock when the doctor stumbled across this during his surgical procedure. The woman should have experienced irritation from the lenses prior to this however she did not.

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