Marijuana Could Impact Eye Health

Over the past few years, many states across the country have enacted laws that have legalized marijuana for either recreational or medicinal use. Those that use marijuana should be aware of all of the ways it could affect your body. One area of your body that could be impacted, both good and bad, by marijuana are your eyes. A recent news article has pointed out all of the different ways that your eyes could be affected through the use of marijuana on a regular basis (

One way that marijuana can impact your eyes is by affecting their appearance. Those that use marijuana can end up seeing their eyes become redder and appear more irritated. Those that are allergic to the drug could actually ended up seeing a much redder appearance than other people. This could then end up resulting in dryer eyes, inflammation, and tearing.

While eyes can appear different when using cannabis, they can also have a different level of activity and efficiency. Some recent studies have found that cannabis can actually end up temporarily make your eyes stronger. Those that use the drug may be able to see more clearly, be more focused, and even see better at night. However, many of these abilities are then lost due to the fact that cannabis can slow your overall senses and reactiveness.

Those that suffer from eye related illnesses could also benefit from using the drug. Glaucoma is a very common eye disease in which the optic nerve is affected. Those that use the drug will often receive some form of relief from the discomfort that the disease creates. Because of this relief, glaucoma is often one of the most common reasons why the drug is prescribed for medicinal use for patients. This use is likely to increase in the future.

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