Impossible is Nothing- 27 Contacts Found By 67 Year Old Woman Going In For Minor Cataract Surgery

Cataracts and old age is what led a woman to see a doctor about eye problems she was experiencing. What she was experiencing however did not come from either of those problems.

The 67 year old woman had been wearing contacts for many years and year after year, she was losing contacts. What she thought to be simple falling out of the contact was actually far different from that assumption.

A number of optometrists entered into a surgical room where the room was receiving treatment for what they thought was a cataract problem. In turn, this large blue mass was instead something more. The mass turned out to be 17 contacts stuck together on the eye with 10 more underneath it. The mass should have been felt by the patient however she claimed to have only experienced dry eyes.

This particular woman had been wearing the disposable contacts for up to 35 years however she had not went to any of her yearly doctor visits. She was aware that the lenses were missing however only became worried when the eyes became sore and irritated. Once the lenses were removed from the patient, she spoke of experiencing better vision as well as to being more comfortable following the removal of 27 contact lenses from the eye.

What the doctors could not understand either is the fact that the woman had never developed an infection or that she was not fully blind from the lost contact lenses. These things can happen if the individual wears a contact lens longer than they are supposed to. The use of contact lens should be followed closely with your doctor as well as patients attending routine doctor visits for the patient receiving contacts. Even more so, a patient who sleeps with contacts in can also cause other eye problems such as eye ulcers.

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