Woman Experiences Eye Discomfort But Not Because Of Minor Eye Irritations

Up until now, there has never been a case recorded like this one. In the UK, a woman went into her eye doctor and complained about her eyes. She said she was experiencing the symptoms associated with cataracts and therefore needed to be seen. The doctor scheduled her to go into the surgical room where they would remove the cataracts.

The doctors had a team of optometrists enter the surgical room to assist in the procedure. These doctors were all in the room when the doctor found the large, blue mass on the woman’s eye. This blue mass however is not what they thought it was.

Once everyone was ready, the doctors gathered round to see the mass being removed from the eye. When the mass was removed, the doctors looked it over to discover instead it was a collection of contact lenses. There were 17 lens stuck together and upon further exam, they discovered 10 more underneath.

The woman had never experienced any kind of symptom prior to the last appointments she had and the woman was lucky that she didn’t experience any type of infection or loss of eyesight from the number of contacts she had.

The mass that the doctors located in her eye had been held together with mucus that the eye had made to help protect the eye from infection. Had the eye responded like most others do, the woman would have experienced symptoms right away however instead, she knew nothing about the contacts that she had been losing.

The woman had been finding that her contacts had been missing time and time again and she never thought about going to the doctor to find out why it had been disappearing. The woman missed numerous appointments with her doctors and had she attended them regularly, she would have found the problem long before now the doctors said.

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