Doctors Help Patient Find The 17 Missing Contact Lenses She Lost

For years, a 67 year old British woman experienced eye discomfort. She didn’t think too much about it. She assumed that it was a symptom of getting older. That changed the day she showed up for cataract surgery. According to this article:, that grainy feeling she had been noticing was, in fact, 17 contact lenses that had become stuck together by her own eye mucus inside her eye. They were found by Dr. Richard Crombie, the anesthesiologist who was prepping her for her surgery. When they examined her eye with a microscope, they discovered another ten contact lenses. The patient had been wearing contact lenses for 35 years, and there is no way to determine how long the chunk of lenses was insde her eye. Instead of having cataract surgery that day, Dr, Amik Patel, an ophthalmologist was able to safely remove the contacts from her eye. According to the doctors, it was amazing that the contact lenses had not caused an eye infection.


Dr. Richard Crombie, Dr, Amik Patel, and Dr. Rupal Morjaria, another British ophthalmologist, were so amazed by this incident that they wrote a report about it and publicized it. A routine visit to the eye doctor, as is periodically required to legally purchase contact lenses, would have stopped this problem long ago. The doctors discourage contact lens users from sleeping with their lenses in, mixing old contact lens solution with new, and to not attempt to wear a pair of lenses for longer than is recommended.


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