Clinical Pathways: Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Innovative Treatment Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts to provide patients with a completely customizable and comprehensive cancer treatment platform. This new system, called Clinical Pathways, harnesses the power of clinical decision-making software, and applies it to nationwide patient data. This new tool will help Cancer Treatment Centers of America fulfill its mission of fighting cancer with the latest in conventional and complementary medicine research by providing clinicians with quick and comprehensive treatment options. This innovative system also gives clinicians and patients access to practical information such as fair market cost comparisons of medications and other therapies to best support patients and their families with making complex medical decisions. Clinicians also may place online orders at the point of care to get patients the care they need as soon as possible.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself on helping patients and their families access the latest in treatment options. Patients and clinicians alike are presented with a staggering array of supplements, therapies, and other treatments. Some patients may wish to stick with a more traditional approach including surgery and chemotherapy. Others may embrace Traditional Chinese Medicine, energetic therapies, and other alternative treatment modalities. Whether an individual chooses conventional, complementary, or both kinds of treatments, Cancer Treatment Centers of America patients always receive fast, friendly, and personalized services.

Founded in 1988 by the son of a cancer patient who was dissatisfied with existing treatment options, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has grown from a single location in Zion, Illinois to five regional locations throughout the country. From its inception, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has sought to provide compassionate and innovative care centered around the specific needs of cancer patients and their families. This latest treatment platform is designed to enrich and extend this essential mission.

For more information check out Cancer Treatment Centers of America on YouTube.

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