Welcome Back Google Glass Eyewear

The demise of Google Glass has been greatly exaggerated. Google Glass eyewear is back in a more innovative design called Google Glass “Enterprise.” All is not lost because a few of the original 2012 versions of Google Glass are being used by certain manufacturing businesses. However, consumers considered Google Glass a bust and it was removed from the marketplace.

Google initially unveiled the Glass touting it as the next great head-mounted optical eyewear with apps to help customers across a variety of business sectors. Google Glass and Google Glass Enterprise, both are designed to be worn just like eyeglasses.

They both are engineered as a hands-free computer, connected to the Internet by apps. The wearer uses voice commands to communicate with the Internet, just like Google Now.

Unfortunately, consumers were not impressed with the original version of Google Glass. A few of their comments included:

1. Headset was too distracting while driving
2. Did not like the privacy and security mechanisms
3. Non-wearers of Google Glass could not tell if the wearers were talking to them or if they were looking at other activities

Now the update – Google Glass Enterprise has returned with advanced features, which includes:

• Enterprise is lighter
• More comfortable especially when wearing them for a lengthy period of time.
• Longer and more powerful battery life
• Available with prescription lenses
• Double safety lenses

Addressing the security issue, Google Glass Enterprise is designed with an 8-megapixel camera and a glowing red light when the camera is recording so that people can tell when the wearer is recording and not talking to them.

Former logistics, manufacturing and medical enterprises are now embracing the Enterprise with a great deal of fanfare. For future updates, the Google Glass Enterprise team is continually working with the Google Cloud team for further advancements in its hands-free applications.

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