Why the Abolishment of Obamacare Health Plan is Morally Wrong

Even before Donald Trump was inaugurated, he had sworn to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which was a brainchild of the Obama Administration. According to the Huffington Post, Trump actually claimed that his administration would allow the health insurance exchanges of the law to collapse before blaming Democrats. Trump wants to replace Obamacare with the Better Care Reconciliation… More →

Suppressing of Key Eye Health Innovations

themselves from competition by harnessing the state powers. Most people argue against this fact, yet it is a widespread phenomenon. The occurrence of this situation inflicts losses to the general public. A recent example is an aggressive campaign by the American Optometric Association (AOA) to fight the innovations that currently provide accurate eye tests and length prescriptions to United State… More →

Psychotherapy Specialist, Patty Rocklage

There has been an increase in mental illnesses during the recent years, requiring clients to seek help from specialized psychotherapists like Patty Rocklage. Patty offers her service to families and couples with issues in their relationships. Not only is Patty Rocklage qualified through her degree in psychology from USC, she has a welcoming personality that will make you feel as… More →

Woman Wears Contacts for 27 Years and Loses Them On Her Eyes

A 67 year old woman has been wearing contacts for much of her life. Recently she went in for cataract surgery but what they found was far more fascinating. The woman had never once complained about experiencing any kind of irritation prior to the day of surgery. What they found were 27 layers of contacts on her eyes. 27 Contact… More →

Is Obamacare Leading The Blind?

Healthcare.gov confirms that for children, vision screening is required as it is categorized under preventive care, so this means that it is covered by the health plan without any charges. However services such as these shall remain free, until a child reaches the age of 19 within the guidelines of the ACA-compliant plan. Keep in mind that vision screening is… More →

Looking at Healthier Ways of Protecting Eyes During a Swim

Most swimmers are quite familiar with the sting of chlorine in their eyes. The smell of swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool can even become rather soothing after a while. Most people assume that the sting and smell are just proof that they’re being protected against disease. After all, nobody wants bacteria heavy water sitting right against their eyes or… More →

Woman Goes in For Minor Eye Surgery, Doctors Locate 27 Pairs of Contact Lenses Instead

A doctor in the UK scheduled a routine cataract surgery for a woman who was experiencing symptoms from cataracts. The doctor placed her in the operating room where he found more than what he was bargaining for. What he found in the woman’s eye was instead a blue mass. This mass however was more than what he thought it was.… More →

Impossible is Nothing- 27 Contacts Found By 67 Year Old Woman Going In For Minor Cataract Surgery

Cataracts and old age is what led a woman to see a doctor about eye problems she was experiencing. What she was experiencing however did not come from either of those problems. The 67 year old woman had been wearing contacts for many years and year after year, she was losing contacts. What she thought to be simple falling out… More →