Great Link between Inmates and Families by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Inc is a provider of detainee communication, parolee tracking, and government information. The company is based in Atlanta Georgia and is one of the largest facilities in the region. Securus is currently serving over 2600 correctional facilities containing over 1000000 inmates nationwide. The company’s main headquarters is located in Dallas Texas. Additionally, it has four regional offices, one… More →

“Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Changing the Future of Medical Care”

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has joined forces with NantHealth and Allscripts to offer oncologists the most current results for various cancer treatments. Eviti® is NantHealth’s Software as a Service, (SaaS) platform to allow physicians access to electronic health records (EHR), in which they are able to search for the proper solution for their patients. With Eviti® in place, oncologist… More →

Record Case of Stuck Contact Lenses

The danger of not getting a regular eye exam was revealed recently when a 67-year-old woman with eye problems made the headlines. Just before she was about to undergo surgery for cataracts, the anesthetist discovered two large clumps of soft contact lenses stuck in her eye. The first clump had 17 of them. And the other clump had ten. Initially,… More →

Contact Danger

There are many people today who struggle with their eyes. Over time, your eyesight will start to decline as you age. One of the best ways to increase your vision is to wear contacts. A lot of people love the flexibility and innovation that this product brings to their life. In a recent news story, a lady found that she… More →

Logan Stout Iconic Business Leadership

Logan Stout is a refined entrepreneur, altruist, business visionary, smash hit creator, keynote speaker and administration coach. Having produced billions of dollars in income all through his vocation, Logan’s believability and reputation of authority, group building, and achievement standards keep on driving his present endeavors, as well as make him a standout amongst the most looked for after keynote speakers… More →

Mark Sparks Understands The Meaning Of Teamwork And Optimized Collaboration

Marc Sparks is well known as the entrepreneur who created Timber Creek Capital. He is currently restructuring his offices for optimized collaboration. His specialty is helping entrepreneurs in the development of new businesses with solid financial futures. He believes a business model and the necessary resources are the key to success in business. His creation of Timber Creek Capital allowed… More →

Crucial Guidelines to Follow To Protect Your Eye Health

Eye health is widely considered to be an essential component of good health to each citizen. However, most people fail to pay adequate attention to this delicate organ while focusing on other body organs. To prove the accuracy of this statement, surgeons recently removed 27 contact lenses from a 67-year old patient’s eye in Solihull Hospital. The aged woman had… More →

Eye Exercises May Reduce the Need for Reading Glasses

Many people believe that poor eyesight naturally occurs as you get older. There is some truth to this. For example, the lenses in the human eye begin to hardened during middle age. This becomes a problem when the eyes need to read print. Since the lenses in your eyes are less flexible, your eye muscles need to work extra hard… More →

Nathaniel Ru Gets Lots of Support From People that Want Healthy Alternative

Nathaniel Ru is an innovator in the fast-food industry whether he wants to be or not. He has done a great job of changing the way that people look at the fast food industry because he has created a powerful alternative to traditional fast food. Some people might say that the healthy food options that he has presented through Sweetgreen… More →