Oncotarget, a Medical Journal Dealing With Oncology

Individuals are encouraged to read these articles more so because the journal is free. This means that it can be easily accessible. Publication is on a weekly basis so individuals can look forward to different topics every now and then.

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The world of medicine is often considered complex. There are various diseases with difficult names as well as technology that most people have never seen nor heard. The Oncortarget is a journal created to make people understand what they consider difficult. This is through creating familiarity with different diseases and changes in technology that take place regularly. The aim of the publishers is to create a link between different professionals involved in the field. This can be done when they come together and give their opinions about a particular medical topic that people want to know about. Special publications can be done for these situations. Some of these professionals have taken part in the research work themselves and would want to share their research with the world. This further enhances the link between the individuals involved. One of the topics that have been covered is cancer diagnosis and treatment. The inputs of patients who have struggled with this are often included in the articles so that people can relate.

Cellular Rejuvenation As Published By Oncotarget

One of the articles published focuses on how the aging process can be decreased, hence increasing the lifespan of an individual. Research was done by comparing the effects of dietary and calorie restriction. Making changes in the diet is considered to be more effective when it comes to cellular rejuvenation. In this method individuals only feed on specific items and sometimes fasting is incorporated. The latter reduces the amount of energy one can get from food. Overeating is said to hasten the aging process. This particular research was done on mice. They were fed on an energy-dense diet and then studied for a while. With time they became obese and had premature deaths. The same results can be assumed on the human population. Reducing the amount of food individuals consume can be instrumental in the anti-aging process, which is doing the opposite of what was involved in the study. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

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