The Unique Difference MB2 Dental Has Made In Dental Practices And Patients Lives

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and an active practitioner. He wanted to establish a company that would be invaluable in helping dentists so they could place their focus on providing top of the line dental care for their patients. His vision was to have the best possible options for corporate and sole practitioner dentistry.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has worked on both sides of the business. He began his profession understanding how important it was to have support without having to compromise the profession he loved. He was aware of the special assistance dental practitioners required without having to worry about having strings attached. Since he founded MB2 Dental his firm has given support to practitioners at approximately seventy affiliated locations throughout six states and now has 533 employees. Their excellence in leadership will continue this trend into the future. Visit to know more.

MB2 Dental has changed the dental field for both patients and practitioners. It was founded using the principle that when doctors work together they can help one another increase their individual accomplishments. The perspective offered by MB2 is youthful, fresh and operates the way dental practices and management should. It has changed the lives of numerous dentists and patients in a positive manner. Many dental practices remain uninspired and drab but MB2 adds a new element and focuses on so much more than profits. The company is owned by dentists and focuses on personal growth, support, autonomy and having fun.

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MB2 Dental helps practices make necessary improvements to benefit their patients. They increase the standards of operation and lead to business growth and much happier practitioners. MB2 is up to date on the trends and practices. Their business and ideas are backed by experience, expertise and knowledge. They have committed themselves to helping dentists with any issues regarding marketing, compliance, payroll, HR and legal challenges. This is a technologically advanced business providing what is required for practitioners to succeed in the current market.

Dr. Chris Villanueva strives to use his extensive experience and knowledge in system administration, technical management and programming as career opportunities to help providers achieve job satisfaction and excellent opportunities for growth potential.

Dr. Villanueva’s specialties are varied and include AS/400 system administration, disaster recovery, building utilities using IBM system API’s, communications in TCP/IP and SNA, process automation, AS/400 security and ILE CL, ILE RPG and COBOL programming. He has been certified by IBM in 6.1 system administration. Visit to know more.

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