Common Problems associated with the Eye

A recent news article by journal times reported that people who want to maintain a clear vision and have a long term eye health should consider preventive care for the eye. According to doctors, the importance of routine eye care is that it’s responsible for identifying future eye problems. Also, people who visit a health specialist from time to time a likely to be aware of other health problems that may arise from eye issues with doctors estimating that there are over 50 related issues. The frequency that you visit a doctor is governed by the health of your eyes. If you have had good eye health since you can remember, your visit to the doctor will not be as often like those who experience eye problems from time to time. Doctors say that people who are more than 50 years should see eye specialists at least once in a year.



Things that doctors look for during a screening include macular degeneration, signs of cataracts as well as glaucoma. Doctors may also look for dry eyes. Younger people who are below the age of 50 can take two years if they don’t have one of the above problems. For starters, Glaucoma can be referred to as the extra pressure on the eyeball as people grow old. The effect of the Glaucoma is that it destroys the optic nerve hence resulting in gradual loss of eyesight. Mayo Clinic recently said that this condition is the leading cause of blindness in many people and can be controlled.


On the other hand, macular degeneration is another health problem affecting many Americans. This condition is as a result of the aging of the retina. The retina is part of the eye associated with storing images. As for cataracts, they make the lens opaque which results in blurred and poor vision. Cataracts don’t just manifest over a day, but they take months or even years to form fully. Proper diet and exercise are also key eye health.


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