Find Out More about This Top Doctor in the Field; Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque has two main offices at both Asheboro and Ramseur. At these offices, he offers medical care for the occupants of Asheboro, Ramseur, and the nearby areas. He is a highly reputable internist with an experience of over 15years in the medical field. He offers various facilities including physical tests, diabetes controlling, Venus body delineating, laser hair extraction, weight control services, and also 360 resurfacing. Dr. Haque studied Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program at the University of Virginia. He as well studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and has been training for 11-20 years now. He has an authorization document to operate medicine in North Carolina and is also registered in the Certification Program for interior medicine maintenance. Dr. Imran is associated with various hospitals in a Carolina which include Randolph Hospital, and Kindred Hospital-Greensboro. He is among the six specialists at Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and one among the 14 at Randolph Hospital who focus on interior medicine.


Dr. Haque, a highly specialized and knowledgeable doctor, can offer a collection of various services. He also performs frequent physical services including;


  • Diabetes treatment choices
  • Weight control assistance
  • Laser hair elimination
  • Venus Body delineating



Patients recognize Dr. Haque for offering different services hence, opt to see him for certain treatments and as their primary care doctor. When serving as their primary care doctor, he is capable of diagnosing many popular diseases and offers referrals to experts whenever there is a need to. This doctor has various equipment at his office. Hence, he can offer his patients with the medication they require. Among the services he can offer in his office includes ultrasound service and laboratory services.


Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services, in 2014, showed the rates of the top 16 chronic disorders attended by Dr. Imran. However, the prevalence of these conditions is not typical of the supplier’s complete population. Also, the information at some instance has been removed from the original statistics source aimed at protecting the information of patients who see doctor Haque.



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