Orange Coast College Rowers Go For 12Th National Title

Orange Coast College (OCC) was founded in 1947 and classes began in 1948. It is one of finest and biggest community college in the country with a campus size of 164 acres close to the southern California beaches. OCC is up to date with the latest technology and facilities available for learning. They offer an average of 135 career and academic programs that includes one of the country’s most celebrated public nautical programs.

The summer, spring, fall, and winter classes are completely accredited by the western association of schools and colleges. Orange College also enrolls more than 25,000 students every semester, and a good number of the students are enrolled in the career and technical education program.

The college is highly ranked due to the number of students successfully transferred to the California state University and also the University of California. Asides the fact that thousands of students have transferred to these universities over the past decade, some students also transfer to private universities and colleges both within the state and across the country.

One of the things that make OCC a fine college is their rowing team. Rowing is one of the few amateur sports still being practiced, and to row, you need grace, power and also unity. And it is with this unity the college’s legendary rowing team left Orange County for the Nationals at Lake Lanier, Ga. on Thursday, May 25. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

The eight-man team rowed fiercely as their muscle ached, screaming at the top of their voice and their skin covered in well-deserved sweat, while their 60-foot needle moved through the water at 25 miles an hour.

The captain of the novice team, Daniel Amado who is 22 and also a graduate of Los High school, was happy to be back to the sport he loved after breaking his back during a disk in his back while rowing in high school. He claimed rowing teaches mental and physical strength that makes you strong enough to bounce back and overcome anything.

The men’s assistant coach, Steve Morris says the art of rowing is very beautiful and all about unity because each person has to do the same thing at the same time and if they miss a beat the rhythm is disrupted.

Orange Coast College rowing is a serious sport and the college has gotten 11 national titles with the most recent being last year and has had 10 students compete at the Olympics and world championships.




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